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Connect Suite

A system that helps you go after the "one"

...AND the "ninety-nine"

Stewardship Matters

Get all of the tools you need for effective ministry communication in one simple platform so you can be a better steward of your time, and finances.

  • Having the right tools can help reduce stress and reduce the risk of ministry burnout for staff and volunteers.

  • Includes unlimited staff and church members

  • Email marketing & communication

  • Text messaging that's trackable

  • Church calendars

  • Websites and Event Pages

  • Track and record all phone calls

  • Automated event follow up

  • Small Group Leader Communication Tools

  • Google My Business Connection

  • Facebook Page Connection

  • Ad Management

  • Social media management

  • Reputation Management

  • Video Hub for Ministry Training, Staff Onboarding, Video Sermons

  • And more....

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Does Your Church Need Connect Suite?

  • Are your staff and volunteers feeling overwhelmed trying to keep track of everyone?

  • Are you worried that people are falling through the cracks?

  • Do you wish you had an easy way to stay in touch with members of your church?

  • Would you like a way to monitor, manage and measure small group attendance?

  • Do you want an easy way to stay above reproach with trackable staff communication?

  • Would you like a free mobile app that gives you access to your entire church body?

  • Would you like a way to remind people about upcoming small groups and events?


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Why is Connect Suite the Best System for Your Church?

Connect Suite is a great tool for churches because it provides a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of church operations. With features like member management, online giving, event registration, and communication tools, churches can streamline their administrative tasks and focus more on their core mission. The platform also enables churches to create a customized website with easy-to-use website builder tools and a wide range of pre-designed templates.

Connect Suite Is...

Your CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can benefit your church in several ways, including improved member engagement and communication. By centralizing member data and tracking interactions, your church can personalize outreach to better meet members' needs. Additionally, it can provide insights into member behavior and preferences, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations.

Now You Can...

  • Stay in touch with visitors

  • Manage small groups and events

  • Track conversations by phone, email and text

  • Get detailed insight on website interactions

  • Stay on top of staff communications

Connect Suite Replaces...
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keap crm
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Connect Suite Is...

Your Calendar

Effortlessly streamline appointment scheduling by allowing customers to secure bookings with a simple click.

Your Connect Calendar Can...

  • Streamline appointments and eliminate back and forth

  • Automate appointment reminders so you never miss a meeting

  • Connect with Google Suite & Outlook Calendars

  • Auto-confirm appointments

  • Send text and email confirmations automatically

  • Stop paying for third party calendars

  • Stop wasting HOURS trying to find available time

Connect Suite Replaces...
Calendly booking calendar online
10to8 online booking calendar

Connect Suite Is...

Your Online Presence

Your church needs a website that is fast, and easy to manage.

With Connect Suite You Can...

  • Build beautiful websites without any coding knowledge

  • Choose from a variety of ready made templates

  • Includes our live chat widget for instant connections

  • Stop Paying Yearly Hosting Fees

Connect Suite Replaces...
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Clickfunnels 2.0
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Best email marketing platform for car dealerships

Connect Suite Is Your...

Email Solution

Email is critical for nurturing relationships, and connect suite makes it easier than ever

With Connect Email You Can...

  • Easily send email broadcasts to your whole body

  • Use our stunning email templates with no design skills

  • Put your email on auto-pilot

  • Track every reply directly in the contact records

  • Get rid of your separate email platform bills

Connect Suite Replaces...
Mailchimp email marketing
activecampaign email marketing platform
Constant Contact marketing lLatform

Connect Suite Is...

Your Social Media Planner

No more time wasted on multiple platforms

Your Social Planner Can...

  • Share your content everywhere quickly

  • Post to Facebook Pages and Groups

  • Reply to all messages inside one platform

  • Save hundreds of wasted hours every year

  • Get rid of costly 3rd party social media planning tools

  • Manage your own social media posts and ads

Connect Suite Replaces...
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sproutsocial for car dealerships
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Connect Suite Is...

Your Ministry Training Hub

Internal Training & Staff Onboarding

With Connect Suite You Can...

  • Create video training for staff onboarding

  • Create online education series

  • Store sermons for later

  • Teach online ministry courses

Connect Suite Replaces...
Rockstar Connect suite is better than kajabi for membership sites
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Create membership sites that are better than clickfunnels 2.0
Create Your Own Car Dealership Online Training Platform
Dealership reporting platform with deep analytics from Rockstar Connect Suite

Connect Suite Is Your...

Reporting Platform

Measure everything with detailed information

With Connect Suite You Can...

  • Monitor metrics that matter

  • Track Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & Google Ads

  • See detailed Call, Text, and Email Reporting

  • Measure the success of your outreach and adapt quickly

Connect Suite Replaces...
Better than google analytics for dealerships
replace campaign monitor reporting
Better analytics than facebook meta business suite for dealerships

Church Marketing Software for Easy Management and Growth

Are you struggling to keep up with church communication, events, and outreach? Our church marketing software can help. With our easy-to-use platform, you can manage your church's events, engage members, and outreach to visitors.

Manage Church Events with Ease

Our church event management software streamlines the process of organizing events, from planning to promotion. You can easily schedule events, send reminders to attendees, and track RSVPs.

Engage Members and Visitors

Our church member engagement software allows you to easily communicate with your members and visitors. You can send personalized messages, share announcements, and gather feedback to better understand your congregation's needs.

Outreach to Visitors with Church Growth Software

Our church growth software enables you to reach out to visitors and turn them into members. You can follow up with personalized messages, track visitor engagement, and create targeted outreach campaigns to grow your church community.

Social Media and Email Marketing for Church Promotion

Our church marketing software also includes social media and email marketing tools to promote your church online. You can easily create and schedule social media posts, and send email newsletters to keep your members and visitors engaged.

Create Better Connections

Improve your church's communication, events, and outreach with our church marketing software. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to manage everything in one place, from event planning to member engagement to outreach campaigns. Try our church marketing software today and watch your church community grow.

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