Manage every aspect of church communication in one easy to use platform. [It even has a mobile app]

Caring Conversations Made Easy and Safe

How many times have you, your staff, or your volunteers forgotten to reach back out to someone who is new?

How many times have we handed out our personal mobile phone numbers and contact information to complete strangers in the name of building connection and community for the kingdom? We've all done it, but should we?

With Connect Suite, small group leaders, volunteers and staff don't have to worry about missing calls, texts, or emails, and they no longer have to give out their personal contact info.

Instead, calling, texting and emailing are handled inside of our handy mobile app. As a bonus, it's all tracked so that leadership can make sure there is proper accountability in place for everyone.

Know your audience

We're all made in God's image, but that doesn't mean we prefer to communicate the same way. Connect suite allows you to communicate in the best way for each person in your congregation using email, text, calling or social media direct messages.

Social Without Social Media

Many people are realizing that Social Media isn't healthy for them. Unfortunately, Facebook ™ Groups have often been the only option for churches who want to create community online outside of the weekly in-person gatherings. Not anymore. With Connect Suite, you can create your own online communities without the ads, and other distractions that come with social media. Community groups can connect 24/7 inside of your own communities and best of all, you have complete control over who has access to these groups as well as the content that is shared.

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Connect Suite Is...

Your Community Hub

Finally. A safe place for Godly Connections

Your Connect Suite Community Can...

  • Keep small group conversations going

  • Share event reminders

  • Host online events, Sunday school lessons and more

  • Be a place for staff and volunteer training

  • Host images and videos

  • Help your community grow in faith and love

Connect Suite Replaces...
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Connect Suite Is...

Your Communication Hub

The Connect Suite CRM allows you to manage all of your congregation communication in one place.

Your Connect CRM Can...

  • Build relationships with people

  • Track conversations by phone, email and text

  • Automate responses based on certain actions

  • Get detailed insight on interactions

  • Monitor growth in real time

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Connect Suite Is...

Your Church Calendar

Effortlessly streamline appointment scheduling by allowing people to secure bookings with a simple click.

Your Connect Suite Calendar Can...

  • Allow staff to share calendar links that eliminate the back and forth of finding times that work

  • Publish events that people can self-register for

  • Automate appointment/event reminders

  • Connect with Google Suite & Outlook Calendars

  • Auto-confirm appointments

  • Send text and email confirmations to improve show rate

  • Stop paying for third party calendars

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Connect Suite Is...

Your Online Presence

Stop paying big fees for a website when you can do it all in one easy platform.

With Connect Suite You Can...

  • Build beautiful websites without any coding knowledge

  • Choose from a variety of ready made templates

  • Integrate our live chat widget for instant connections

  • Embed forms that trigger powerful automations

  • Build SEO value with our blogging tool

  • Eliminate big website expenses

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Connect Suite Is Your...

Email Made Easy

Email is critical for communication, nurturing relationships, and growth.

With Connect Suite You Can...

  • Easily send email broadcasts to all of your contacts

  • Build stunning email templates with no design skills

  • Create powerful automations for email on auto-pilot

  • Track every reply directly in the customer record

  • Get rid of your separate email platform bills

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Connect Suite Is Your...

Reporting Platform

Measure and manage your success with detailed info

With Connect Suite You Can...

  • Monitor metrics that matter

  • Track Facebook, TikTok, Instagram & Google Ads

  • See detailed Call, Text, and Email Reporting

  • Measure success and Manage change quickly

  • Eliminate stress caused by the unknown

Connect Suite Replaces...
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Feel confident that your congregation is

being cared for 24/7.

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